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The field of bio engineering can be greatly damaged by the malfunction of the moment unlike general facilities.
As a small defect can cause a large infection accident, it demands more precise and safer facilities than any other fields. GCEM has continued its business performance by grafting the world-class level bio facilities construction technology onto various fields of construction.


GCEM builds construction in compliance with the detailed procedure of construction management system prepared based on validated technology.
The construction is reflected by the final results discussed with customers and internal and external experts by drawing improvement and validation results through sample construction to minimize risk, preparation of the construction plan and the construction detail drawing and review of the designs to select the optimum construction method and construct without any defects.


Based on accumulated construction experience, experienced experts prepare the progress schedule about working order,
a construction plan and an optimum construction period by using Primavera program.
We manage construction to be completed within the planned construction period by investing human resources and materials according to the tight process management criteria.


GCEM’s quality/environment management system is established and certified according to the requirement for ISO 9001 and 14001 specifications.
The scope of certification is design, manufacturing, establishment, operation, validation, maintenance and construction of GMP, HACCP and LAB facilities. It is operated based on customer satisfaction and top priority on quality.


GCEM suggests customers reasonable construction expenses by applying the most effective construction method and new technology in the initial phase based on accumulated value engineering data.
It also controls additional expenses occurred according design change or reconstruction by identifying customers’ detailed needs.


GCEM purchases materials through a pool of excellent companies validated by professional procurement system and selects as subcontract suppliers professional companies which have excellent construction ability and have been partnered for a long time.


GCEM conducts education to train bio experts and special education by external professional institutes. And the on-line education completion credit system lets employees have expertise.
All employees level up their technology by sharing construction knowledge of the completion project and take foreign language education with the aim to train global talent, perform overseas projects and learn overseas professional knowledge.