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GCEM provides design reflected by GMP regulations including FDA, EMEA, WHO, PIC, etc. through business experiences with GMP Consulting and Engineering companies in the world. It also provides design on the best condition by selecting the optimum system based on customers’ demands including BL4, BL3, research facilities, health examination centers, vivarium, food, cosmetics, etc.


The Basic Engineering phase includes time schedule, expenses and details of the results of Conceptual Design.

  • Review of Concept Design
  • Project Master Plan (PMP)
  • Review of production facilities and equipment
  • Description and planning of building
  • Confirm Lay-out
  • System P & IDs (Process, Utility)
  • Load calculation
  • Expenses and schedule (± 15%)

The Detail Engineering phase includes detailed working drawing, detailed expenses and construction schedule.

  • Review of basic design
  • Detailed design plan and detailed statement equipment
  • Review report to purchase
  • Specification/Various bills
  • VE report
  • Final budget
  • Construction schedule

Checking error and interference of design by 3D modelling 2D design Detail Design through BIM prevents problem occurrence due to error and supports project decision making by correctly calculating expenses and schedule.

  • Process schedule through BIM model
  • Quotation and quantity estimation through BIM model
  • Simulation video (air current, temperature and moisture, differential pressure)