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GCEM’s maintenance business is performing maintenance and general inspection according to domestic and international guidelines.
By perfectly maintaining facilities in any conditions based on maintenance knowhow and expertise accumulated for 30 years in Green Cross, we reduce the cost of facilities and energy, and implement end-to-end environmental management to contribute to your productivity increase and perfect facility inspection.
We will suggest guidelines about structure of facilities or equipment, scope of application, inspection method, operation method, maintenance, fumigation, validation, etc. to perfectly function all facilities. And we will try our best for your safety and convenience by managing all maintenance works.

Biosafety and Facilities Support

GCEM is providing customers with maintenance service through the newest technology including effective and efficient facilities operation and training for users to maintain the optimum condition of original facilities’ functions based on maintenance experiences of pharmaceutical facilities, research facilities, Negative Pressure Isolation Rooms, etc.

All tasks with being divided into groups of two proceed with establishment of plans, report of schedule, task performance, report of completion and storage of record according to the Safety Management Guidelines and the Standard Operating Procedures.