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One of global leaders in the bio industry which is more promising tomorrow

Greeting from the CEO

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Welcome to GCEM,
a bio engineering &
construction company.

GCEM thinks of customers first.

GCEM is a customer-oriented company to create customer value
through the best technology and the best service.
We stay one step ahead of customers’ needs with the best quality,
safe construction and end-to-end follow-up management from
design, construction and validation to maintenance.

GCEM is creating value.

GCEM is the country’s only bio engineering & construction
company since its establishment in 2001.
We have pioneered the path which no one passed such as building
medicine manufacturing and research facilities, or infrastructure
for people’s health, with a whole heart to contribute itself to
people’s health.

Furthermore, GCEM is creating better value that customers need in
all the fields related to bio engineering though diversification of

GCEM is going toward the world.

GCEM has expanded its influence every country in the world recognizing
its technology in the international markets by various bio plant projects in
China, Southeast Asia, Middle East, etc.

GCEM will make continuous challenge in the international markets with
the aim to become ‘one of global leaders in bio-construction’. In addition
to the country’s best bio engineering technology, GCEM will grow as a
leading global company in the Bio Plant Technology field though training
and education of all employees and international technology research.

Please give us your continuous interest and support while watching
GCEM’s constant challenge.

Thank you.

Representative Director Chung-Gwon, Park

Lee Young-chan