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This privacy policy defines the procedure and purposes of collecting personal information, and the scope of its use.

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Green Cross EM espects the privacy of every individual who visits its web site.
This privacy policy defines the procedure and purpose of collecting personal information and the scope of its use.

Green Cross EM does not collect any personal identification information, such as names, addresses and telephone numbers,
through the Green Cross EM web site unless such information is provided voluntarily by the user.
If you do not agree to these terms of use and the privacy policy, please do not submit your personal information.

Personal information collected by Green Cross EM is:

- E-mail addresses and details of 1:1 inquiries.

Green Cross EM collects personal information for the following purposes, and the collected information shall be used only within the scope of these purposes.

1) To reply to a customer inquiry

2) To better understand user needs and improve Green Cross EM products and services.

3) To send certain goods (giveaway event prizes, etc.) or contact members where necessary.

Green Cross EM does not use personal information for any purpose other than that specified in Article 3, Paragraph 3 hereof, and does not provide such information to others without any rational and due reason (for example, providing personal information to a third party that does business for, or is in partnership with Green Cross EM for sales promotions or research purposes on the condition that they protect personal information and are prohibited from providing such information to the outside is deemed to have a rational and due reason). Where Green Cross EM provides personal information to its agency or partners to provide better services, Green Cross EM shall notify, in advance, the person who will be provided with the personal information, the specific items of the personal information to be provided, and the purpose of providing the information. If the user does not agree to it, Green Cross EM will not provide the information to its agency or partners.

Green Cross EM promises that it will never transfer or sell the personal information of members of its web site for pursuit of

Where personal information is leaked to the outside due to any mistake or carelessness of Green Cross EM or any
damage to a member is caused by a loss, burglary, or falsification, Green Cross EM shall take corresponding responsibility.

Where government agencies, judicial agencies or the prosecution/policy request personal information as a
reference for public interests or investigations, Green Cross EM may inevitably provide personal information of the
user to the relevant agency.

Through a 1:1 inquiry, you may withdraw your consent to the collection and use of personal information at any
You may contact the Personal Information Manager and request necessary action.

Person responsible for Protecting Personal Information

Department: Business Admin & Coordination Division of GC EM

Name: Kim Kwan-ho, the director of the Headquarters

Tel.: +


Person in charge of Protecting Personal Information

Department: Business & Supporting Team, Business Admin & Coordination Division of GC EM

Name: Han Seon-kyu, manager

Tel.: +


Where you have any complaint or suggestion in relation to personal information, please send your
opinion to our designated Personal Information Manager and we will notify you of the result as soon as possible.