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GCEM’s Contribution to Society

GCEM’s culture starts from looking at each other. It delivers Green Cross’ love to where helping hands are needed though they are small.

GCEM Community Relations

Green Cross launched ‘Green Cross Community Relations’ in 2004 to practice value such as service and consideration.
We take lead to promote sharing culture by organizing more than 100 volunteer groups at each workplace.
In the future, we support to give local community a boost by which employees and their families actively participate in loving neighbors.

Introduction and Features
  1. First, Green Cross Community Relations systematically organize voluntary groups at each region across the country.
  2. Second, Green Cross Community Relations practice pro bono activities where voluntary groups donate their talent.
  3. Third, Green Cross Community Relations expand sharing culture by which employees and their families participate in voluntary service.
Activity Contents

Practice sharing with ‘separately and together’ one heart.

  1. 01

    Blood Donation Campaign

    Promote the necessity of blood donation at each local blood donation house when there is the blood supply shortage

  2. 02

    Campaign to Foster Emotion of Children from Low-Income Families

    Conduct campaigns to foster emotion of children which employees become their friends by visiting movie theaters, art museums and experience centers

  3. 03

    Campaign to Improve Awareness on Persons with Disabilities

    Experience visual impairment and physical disability and conduct activities to help social enterprises where persons with disabilities work

  4. 04

    Protection of Local Cultural Assets

    Regularly visit local cultural assets to restore cultural assets and improve their appearance

  5. 05

    Talent Sharing Service

    Proceed with various sharing activities using their talent such as the company’s choir which share hope and pleasure with difficult neighbors through choral performances

  6. 06

    Development of Affiliates’ Business Linkage Activities

    Medical service in farming and fishing villages (Green Cross I-med), Lovely repair of a house (Green Cross EM), Employment mentoring (Mogan Institute), etc.

Matching Grant

One on one sisterhood relationship has been run since 2008 to continuously support the
disadvantaged in local community. It represents Green Cross’ efforts to become the enterprise where the company and its employees all take the lead of practicing donation culture.

Activity Contents
  1. 01

    Financial Support to Marginalized Neighbors

    Green Cross discovers and supports senior citizens who live alone and low-income families who need practical help in cooperation with non-profit organizations including Yongin Community Welfare Center, Chungbuk Community Chest, Children Foundation, etc. and local governments by which the company supports the same amounts as employees support senior citizens who live alone and child breadwinners.

  2. 02

    Voluntary Service

    Green Cross not only gives financial support but does voluntary service which they visit senior citizens who live alone, replace their old wallpaper and floor paper and become their good companions through Matching Grant System.

Selection of Beneficiaries
  1. Discover senior citizens who live alone and low-income families who need practical help in cooperation with non-profit organizations and local governments.
Effect of Support
  1. Establish Green Cross’ voluntary donation culture.
  2. Create a new donation method by one on one sisterhood.

Blood Donation of Love

As the company specializing in blood products it has held annual events since 1992 to support the national blood donation project. Each workplace holds a regular blood donation event three times a year and a special blood donation event is held to save new life when there is the blood supply shortage.

Activity Contents
  1. 01

    Blood Donation of Love

    Green Cross who plays a part in the national blood project holds 12 “Blood Donation of Love” events a year. For 20 years the blood donation event has attracted total 13,000 people and some 1,000 employees a year actively participate in sharing valuable life.

  2. 02

    Blood Bank

    Green Cross implements the “Blood Bank” system to effectively manage and operate blood donation certificates donated by employees. The company fulfills its social responsibilities by donating the donated blood donation certificates to patients who suffer from various diseases and foundations.

Charity Bazaar

With the purpose of “Small Practice to Love Neighbors” charity bazaar started in 1992 and has become Green Cross’ representative social contribution activities for 20 years.

Employees’ donation of goods helps poor neighbors!
All profits are donated to poor neighbors who have engaged with Green Cross voluntary groups.

Activity Contents
  1. 01

    The Effect of Killing Two Birds with One Stone

    Green Cross’ charity bazaar achieves the effect of killing two birds with one stone which not only helps poor neighbors with the profits that sell employees’ donated goods, but at the same time saves resources.

  2. 02

    Sharing Place where Employees can pleasantly Participate

    Besides, Green Cross prepares a “Sharing Place” where all employees pleasantly take part such as food markets and giveaway events.

  3. 03

    Collection of Total KRW 600 Million

    The profits starting with initial KRW 850,000 have been accumulated to total KRW 600 million which are spent to deliver hands of hope to poor neighbors.

  4. 04

    Try to Give Practical Help to Marginalized Neighbors

    We try to give practical help to marginalized neighbors by supporting not only social welfare facilities related to the “Green Cross Community Relations”, but senior citizens who live alone, foreign workers, life expenses of defectors from North Korea and school expenses of child breadwinners.

Support Status

All profits are donated to senior citizens who live alone, child breadwinners and social welfare facilities related to the Green Cross Community Relations.