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Strategic Policy for Green Management

  • By establishing environmental management system according to ISO14001 / KSA 14001 specifications, GCEM’s top priority shall be continuous environment improvement and pollution prevention.
  • GCEM secures legal stability by complying with environmental laws and regulations.
  • GCEM predicts environmental effect caused by all disaster prevention from business plan, purchase, construction to service and promotes to prevent environmental contamination.
  • GCEM strengthens and develops environment management system by establishing environmental and detailed targets and reviewing their implementation.
  • GCEM makes great efforts to recycle reusable waste, effectively use energy and resources, and control occurrence of waste.
  • GCEM secures transparency of environment management activities by providing necessary information and collecting opinion through the establishment of communication system with the persons concerned.

Strategic System for Green Management

Green Management Certificate


ISO 14001
Environment Management System Certification

Expectation Effect of Green Management

  • 01

    Objectively proved that it conforms with environment management regulations used throughout the world

  • 02

    Secure competitive advantage through enhancement of the company’s “Eco-friendly Image"

  • 03

    Improve business structure by eco-friendly management

  • 04

    Improve process efficiency and reduce the cost by minimizing waste and energy

  • 05

    More effective access to export markets by acquiring international trust

  • 06

    Able to promote investment as the eco-friendly and sound company

  • 07

    Reduce risk due to environmental accidents and increase satisfaction of members

  • 08

    Prevent complaints related to environment to be occurred in the future

  • 09

    Improve image as the GREEN company