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Safety & Health Management

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Strategic Policy for Safety & Health Management

  • Achieve ZERO accident rate by perfect safety management.
  • Promote continuous safety & health activities by building safety & health management system and establishing a safety target and a specific target.
  • Comply with safety laws and regulations and actively reflect on a target by collecting opinion of the persons concerned and reviewing management.
  • Establish a safety management plan by predicting risk related to the company’s activities and promoted systematic activities including implement, corrective measures, review, etc.
  • Promote safety & health by creating peasant working environments.

Safety & Health Management System

Certificate for Safety & Health Management


OHSAS 18001
Safety & Health Management System Certification

Expectation Effect of Safety & Health Management

  1. 01

    Develop effective safety & health activities with the owner’s expression to prevent industrial accidents

  2. 02

    Promote effective safety & health management by quantitatively evaluating a company’s risk

  3. 03

    Contribute to reduction of compensation, increase of production and improvement of workers’ welfare by reducing accidents and loss of work

  4. 04

    Improve social image and increase trust with the persons concerned such as customers

  5. 05

    Maximize production efficiency by establishing the optimum working environment

  6. 06

    Stabilize labor and management relation for all employees to participate in safety & health management system

  7. 07

    Realize reasonable management by quantitatively evaluating the risk of working environment

  8. 08

    Maximize the effect of integrated system by connecting ISO 9001 and ISO 14001